Questions to ask when selecting a Property Manager:

1.)   Does the property manager and his company have current Washington Real Estate Licenses?

2.)   How long has the company and the property manager been in the property management business?

3.)   How long have the longest duration accounts been with the company?

4.)   Does the company focus its attention on property management or does it also sell real estate?

5.)   Is the property management company computerized?

5A.)  What reports will you get and how often?

6.)  Does the company or the property manager belong to the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) or other professional associations?

7.)   How often will the property manger visit your property?

8.)   How does the company screen your potential tenants?

9.)   How much does the service cost?

9A.)   Are there any other fees such as advertising fees, renewal fees, setting up account fees?

10.)   How long does the management contract last?

11.)   Does the property management company agreement provide for mandatory arbitration in the event that a dispute rises up between the client and the company?

12.)   Does the property management company comply with the spirit and letter of the equal housing laws?

13.)   Are all client and tenant funds kept in a trust fund which is subject to state audit?

14.)    How does your company handle late payment and non-payment of rent?

15.)    How does the company advertise properties?

16.)    How does the company handle repairs to the property?

17.)    Does the company have a live person answer the phone 24 hours per day 7 days per week?

Property Management Services

Accounting Services

  • • Process rental payments and distribute to owner
  • • Deposit income directly into your bank account
  • • Handle mortgage payments, insurance premiums, home owner's dues, etc. on request
  • • Prepare itemized monthly statements of all transactions
  • • Year-end statements to simplify tax preparation


  • • FOR RENT signs are posted
  • • AcerNW Website Listing (see RENTAL LIST)
  • • Weekly advertising in newspaper on request
  • • Advertising on multiple online websites including:
  • •
  • •
  • • Trulia
  • • Zillow
  • • and other online websites through AppFolio


  • • 24 hour live answering service
  • • Competitive pricing
  • • Long term vendor association
  • • Handle requests for maintenance and repairs and check the quality of work
  • • Inspect property regularly and schedule preventative maintenance
  • • Suggest ways to improve property to obtain higher rents or to prepare it for sale

Management Services

  • • Lease execution
  • • Lease enforcement
  • • Rent collection

Tenant Screening

  • • Members of the Northwest Credit Bureau
  • • Verify

  • • Credit references
  • • Criminal record
  • • Employment history
  • • Rental history